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Pragathi is an institution which has been continuously striving to bring better facilities and value-added education to its students, without entering the race for commercialization. The Management of Pragathi ensures that the revenue earned from the school goes back to upgrade the quality of training provided to the students, utilizing the surplus revenue for a hospital with state-of-the-art facilities.Read More

Pre Primary Section

Pragathi understands the needs and caters to each and every child. All teachers are trained and passionate towards developing a healthy curiosity in children and ignite the zeal to learn.Read More

Primary Section

Mainstream schooling starts with a flurry of activities ensuring the new load is not a burden. Teachers are equipped to deal with the transition and sail the children through with fun and frolic which disguises the curriculum.Read More

High School Section

High school at Pragathi Central comes with emphasis on various life skills and hands-on knowledge and interactive teaching-learning transaction through lab activities, do-it-yourself sessions, in-house projects, Read More

  • Classrooms

    We have come a long way from the traditional classrooms. Education in the 21st century has ushered in the audio-visual digital classrooms which help the children to enrich their knowledge in-depth. Read More


    The Library at Pragathi can cater not only to students of all age groups, but also to the teachers of different subjects. We take the privilege to mention here that the books get screened piece by piece before Read More

  • Laboratories

    Children at Pragathi are enthusiastic about the laboratories which include hands on activity. The setting-up of exclusive laboratories for Math, Science, Computer and English Communicative Lab entitle childrenRead More

    Resource Room

    Until Jean Piaget suggested that children actually think differently than adults, the world tended to view children as 'small adults'. Einstein called this revolution a genius of an idea because of its simplicity.Read More

  • First Aid Room

    Children by nature are extremely energetic. During their recreation time or even otherwise, they sometimes tend to fall and hurt themselves. This is precisely why the provision of a First-Aid Room with a qualified Read More


    A spacious play-pen for toddlers and pre-schoolers provides for a safe and supervised play, thereby enabling fun along with the whole body development Read More

  • Play Pen

    A spacious play-pen for toddlers and pre-schoolers provides for a safe and supervised play, thereby enabling fun along with the whole body development.Read More


    Transport facility is optional. Lady support staff escort children in routes where girl children board first and get off last. The Drivers are qualified and well experienced. The buses pick-up children from specific points.Read More

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