Pre Primary School

Pragathi understands the needs and caters to each and every child. All teachers are trained and passionate towards developing a healthy curiosity in children and ignite the zeal to learn.

Primary School

Mainstream schooling starts with a flurry of activities ensuring the new load is not a burden. Teachers are equipped to deal with the transition and sail the children through with fun and frolic which disguises the curriculum.

High School Section

High school at Pragathi Central comes with emphasis on various life skills and hands-on knowledge and interactive teaching-learning transaction through lab activities, do-it-yourself sessions, in-house projects, Field trips, educational tours, interactive co-scholastic assignments etc.

Tween to teen transition can be very complex for a child, what with increased depth in each subject and more expectation on performance. Pragathi educators are trained to hand hold each child through this transition and impart knowledge with ease, catering to each child's level.